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Jucheng membrane is Shenzhen jucheng Technology Co., Ltd. fifteen years of towering history of the domestic first to master the core technology of the membrane brand. It is specialized in RO membrane manufacturing, research and development of high - tech enterprises.JuCheng series RO membrane of all products using world-renowned enterprises from high-end processing of raw materials roll.


Ju Cheng membrane technology

The international first-class brand as the goal, continue to plough the technology of water purification


Commercial space

Based on the real living environment and needs of target consumers, the analysis and integration are carried out


Win-win cooperation

Cooperation can enable both sides to overcome difficulties, win business opportunities, boost confidence and develop together.

About the Jucheng membrane

Jucheng membrane for the domestic water purification industry brand , leading the Huaxia membrane best before, to create national brand pure descent.

Ju Cheng product case

We understand your needs, always remind myself that to "customer centric, quality as the core", careful walking, pragmatic step, so that the production of a membrane, is a quality project, is assured project.

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