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Reasons for severe pollution of reverse osmosis membrane ele

2017-09-27 16:19  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      At present, reverse osmosis technology is still the most advanced technology in the water purification industry. It occupies an impregnable position in engineering water purification, commercial water purification and household clean water. The reverse osmosis membrane itself is also contaminated because of the need to filter out harmful substances in the water sources. Reverse osmosis membrane element is polluted, must be cleaned, and the reverse osmosis membrane in contamination is serious, on-line cleaning can not meet the requirements of performance recovery recovery of membrane components, this time can only choose off-line cleaning. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce the reverse osmosis membrane serious pollution reasons and off-line cleaning methods.
      Reverse osmosis membrane element in the design will keep off amount to a certain extent, it can guarantee just in case in times of emergency, not because the reverse osmosis system of water production or desalting rate decreased, the reverse osmosis system pressure difference increases the reverse osmosis system with insufficient water supply to production safety threat, in fact it is precisely because of these reserves the rich amount makes reverse osmosis system hidden fault can be found in a timely manner, resulting in severe pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane element.
      In the reverse osmosis system in pollution control, the key lies in the core of reverse osmosis water treatment system of the audit and the manufacture and installation process, the reverse osmosis system of various supplies selection, operation management level control, these aspects of the reverse osmosis system is safe and healthy operation plays a vital role.
      In the reverse osmosis system with serious pollution, the measures taken must be the reason why, to analyze the pollution of membrane components and find solution to pollution method, and through the appropriate way in the shortest possible time of reverse osmosis system for cleaning, because with the extension of time, the mean increase in the difficulty of cleaning.

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