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Advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis water purifi

2017-09-25 16:32  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

     With the improvement of quality of life and health of more and more attention, and the water purifier for drinking water security guards are accepted by more and more people, now more than first-tier cities, second tier and the vast rural areas began to trickle installed a water purifier. The main use of water purifier is ultrafiltration technology and reverse osmosis technology. Generally speaking, reverse osmosis technology has a better water purification effect. But everything is two-sided, the domestic reverse osmosis water purifier is There are both advantages and disadvantages..
      Advantages of reverse osmosis water purifier:
1, through the reverse osmosis water purifier to purify the drinking water, the taste is good, clear and sweet. Moreover, the TDS of water is reduced and the scale is not formed when boiling water.
2, the use of reverse osmosis water purifier can remove various harmful impurities including bacteria, viruses, pollutants, scale and harmful heavy metal ions, and retention of water molecules in the raw water, to ensure quality and safety of drinking water to avoid because of illness.
      Disadvantages of reverse osmosis water purifiers:
1, reverse osmosis water purifier using booster pump or self-priming pump, so the need for power use, not only operational problems, as well as electrical safety problems.
2, because the reverse osmosis water purifier uses more joints and high water pressure, its failure rate and water leakage probability are relatively high, which will easily lead to waste of water resources.
3, reverse osmosis water purifier for water will be produced in the process of wastewater, water purifier reverse osmosis membrane aperture is very small, less than the aperture must rely on the booster pump or pump the water pressure to play in the past, but for the impurity RO film came out, also produced wastewater.
If you want to drink more clean water, you need to pay more attention to it. Consumers need to balance themselves with the actual situation.

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