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Three elements of household RO water purifier

2017-09-21 17:19  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

      Now the rapid development of science and technology, human productivity is greatly improved, at the same time, people's living standard has been greatly improved, at present, more and more health problems become the focus of attention, the most important problem we face is the problem of drinking water safety. More than 840000 people die each year because of unsafe drinking water, unsanitary living conditions and bad personal hygiene, according to the WHO. For example, recently, Congo caused cholera because of drinking water, which killed nearly 200 people at one time.
      In order to ensure the safety of household drinking water, more and more people begin to install domestic reverse osmosis water purifier, but because of lack of relevant professional knowledge, it is difficult for customers to buy high-quality household reverse osmosis water purifier. In fact, the choice of high-quality home reverse osmosis water purifier is not difficult, as long as we integrated reference to three elements: brand, technology and services, we will be able to buy satisfactory water purifier products.
      It is understood that, at present, there are more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers throughout the country, and has more than 900 approvals for water seepage and production hygiene license. A lot of black manufacturers mostly with make a just run away mentality, sell products have been hoodwinked by the income for consumers to be careless with, consumers buy inferior products but no tears, only dumb, broken teeth pharynx to the stomach, if things go on like this will no longer believe that water purifier and water purifier manufacturers. In this way, the water purification industry is destroyed.
      Consumers online inquiries related information, and verify that they have wading approval, but also depends on whether the manufacturers master the core technology. Consumers buy home reverse osmosis water purifier, mainly to improve water quality and ensure the safety of drinking water, while water purification technology is the core of its water purification effect. Qu Cheng currently independent master reverse osmosis water purification technology, the advantages of net water flux operation, low energy consumption, strong anti pollution, low production cost, long service life etc.. Not only the technology is applied to water purifier, but also used in agriculture, agricultural ecological base is set up all over the country, the effect is remarkable.
      The water purifier products, service is a very important part, including the installation and maintenance of the late early, with the industry. As the saying goes "three on the product, seven on the installation", so the water purifier business services is an important factor for customers to buy water purifier must be considered. Businesses provide professional installation, maintenance is a strong guarantee for family use water purifier products to relax.
      Qu Cheng reminder: domestic reverse osmosis water purifier purchase seemingly seconds to make a decision, in fact there are a lot of this gate road, the customer must start from the details, all integrated layers of the test, to buy the products of worry.

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