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Water purifier filter must be replaced in time

2017-09-15 08:55  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

      The water purifier now entered thousands of households into people's lives, has become one of essential household appliances, water purifier filter is the core part, as people's kidney plays an important role on the market at present can be divided into water purifier filter activated carbon filter, RO filter, PP cotton filter, according to different needs. The water purifier and the level of accuracy is also different, life is different. Many consumers in the purchase of water purifier after a period of time, you will find that the flow of water is getting smaller and smaller, water purifier abnormal water, taste worse.
      Why do the problems of water flow become smaller and worse? Because after all still in use process, pollutants in the injury of the water purifier "core" water purifier filter load is overweight, but if the problems should be considered to replace the filter, or continue for a long time, it will cause the water quality of the "two pollution", that is the dirty water the!
      Metaphorically speaking, filter water purifier as our people's body "kidney" water purifier water quality not only depends on the filter quality, but also depends on the service life of the filter element can be replaced in a timely manner, if the filter time is too long, and not to change, it will cause water blocking, water is more and more small, the water purification system of pollution source will use for a long time, so the user must form the good habit of regular replacement of the filter.
      Qu Cheng film experts suggest that you in general about the use of the time to filter the ideal life of 80% replacement. Especially in areas with poor water quality, the filter is designed to protect your kidneys and sacrifice yourself in advance. In the daily use of water purifiers in the process, the water purifier "core" is the need to take care of the heart, must not hurt the water purifier "core."".

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