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Eliminating consumer misunderstandings is critical

2017-09-15 16:43  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

      Said the water purification industry is a qianyiji delicious cake, source of this data is mainly based on the current Chinese residents living water purifier penetration in first-tier cities penetration rate is only about 15%, while other developed countries family use percentage of water purifier has reached 70%. Reference to other developed countries, the popularity rate, and then based on the population base, naturally able to reach one hundred billion market forecast. But these are the theoretical analysis, the implementation of the real market also need your net - the efforts of colleagues, in the process of popularization of the water purifier, eliminate the misunderstanding of the consumers is one of the key factors.
Misunderstanding 1: drinking habits of Chinese people
      In the people's health concept, drinking hot water is the most sanitary and safe, so the water purifier filter effect does not trust, but that is just a businessman gimmicks, drinking hot water is very healthy and safe. For such ingrained cognition, want to shake the very difficult, but we still increase the water purifier science, to remind people to pay attention to chlorine in tap water in the boil, it will become a carcinogen, and the water purifier can also heat the water, heating the tap water to boil more than health.
Misunderstanding two: bad business harm
      Big woods, what birds are, the water industry is uneven in quality, some people use the water purifier reckless with greed, often selling fake and shoddy products, or false propaganda to mislead consumers. Good news never travels, but bad news travels fast. Such things are from one leads was optimistic about water purifier water purifier for people who lose confidence, it is a bad mouse droppings a pot of soup. Those bad merchants, in addition to the harm in consumption, we need to high-quality products and sincere service to a little change.

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