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RO membrane replacement procedures

2017-09-21 16:54  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

When you buy a pure water machine, usually the reverse osmosis membrane has been installed into the reverse osmosis membrane tube. After a period of time, when you need to replace the reverse osmosis membrane of the water purifier, you can change it according to the following procedures
Preparation tools: wrenches, pliers, buckets, scissors or knives.
Note: in the process of installation / reloading, you should try to avoid pulling to other pipelines so as to avoid leakage.
Reloading step:
1, close the water inlet plating ball valve, wait for about ten minutes. (to decompress the system)
2, nut joint hands or tools to unscrew the right pipe shell, pull out.
3, in the face of the machine, with the left hand tight housings, to forced right away at the end of the lid. If the post activated carbon filter above the reverse barrier prevents the operation of this step, it can be shifted slightly or drawn out in a whole way. If the whole drawing is out, it is necessary to disassemble the additional pipe. )
4. Close the pressure bucket ball valve, unscrew the nut joint with the hand or tool, and put the water pipe into an empty bucket or sink.
5, with the left hand tight reverse osmosis membrane tube, and the pliers old reverse osmosis membrane, the outer shell pulled out.
6. Open the envelope of the new reverse osmosis membrane and remove it.
7, the reverse osmosis membrane into the reverse osmosis membrane tube opened, until the end of two small black "O" ring to the bottom end of the top shell.
8, in the same position to cover the shell, the shell cover.
9, if necessary, adjust the joints clockwise and (locked) to the rear of the machine.
10, into the water pipe, and tighten the joint nut. (remember, don't forget to put the plug).
11, open the plating ball valve.
12. Let the water purifier run for more than two hours, make the system enter the normal water production condition, then connect the water pipe with the pressure barrel ball valve, and open the pressure barrel ball valve. The whole process has been completed.

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