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The difference between ultrafiltration membrane and RO membr

2017-09-15 08:46  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

      Buy a water purifier water purifier customer due to the lack of related knowledge, often water purifier sales of ultrafiltration in the mouth and the reverse osmosis water purifier expressed doubts, actually these two kinds of water purifier, the biggest difference is the use of the film is not the same. The ultrafiltration purifier uses an ultrafiltration membrane, whereas the reverse osmosis water purifier uses the RO film. So what's the difference between these two membranes?
      First, UF membranes are different from RO membranes. UF membrane is suitable for low water pollution and small TDS value in water. RO membrane is mainly used for heavy water pollution, such as North China, Yangtze River Delta and other areas. Second, the UF membrane is different from the RO membrane standard. The UF standard is 100 colonies per liter of water, while the RO reverse osmosis membrane is 20 colonies per milliliter of water. Moreover, the pore size of ultrafiltration membrane is different from that of RO membrane. Ultrafiltration membrane pore size range of microporous 0.001-0.02 micron, RO aperture membrane is 0.0001 microns (hair 5/1000000), organic pollution is low so the reverse osmosis membrane can remove the water, such as organic matter, organic chemical pesticide pollution. Ultrafiltration membranes are not. Reverse osmosis membrane also soften the role of water quality, hard water into soft water.
      It seems that the UF membrane is basically at a disadvantage compared with the RO reverse osmosis membrane. However, ultrafiltration membrane also has its advantages, the ultrafiltration membrane does not need to receive electricity, so there is no electricity safety problems, and the connection is small and simple, the probability of failure and leakage is low. UF membrane is of low cost and low price. It is an economical filter membrane. Therefore, ultrafiltration water purifier is much cheaper than reverse osmosis water purifier. But the reverse osmosis water purifier for water purification effect is too small aperture is really good, but on the other hand, waste rate comparison, the ratio is close to 1:5, drink a cup of water to clean wastewater discharged 5 cup, which for ordinary families is a luxury.

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