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5 reverse osmosis equipment questions and answers

2017-09-06 08:42  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

01, reverse osmosis equipment in the sealing ring, why the expansion phenomenon?
      Reverse osmosis equipment for water treatment equipment for each interval in the seal shell, need three kinds of sealing ring in the shell. In order to reduce installation resistance, the system should be installed on the surface of each ring sealing with water or glycerin. It should be noted that the lubricant should be carefully used with petroleum jelly or other petroleum lubricant, otherwise it will cause cracking of the fresh water pipe, especially the expansion of the sealing rubber ring. The expansion of aprons generally does not directly affect the operating efficiency of the system, but will affect the system after loading again loading, that is, when the expansion of the apron difficult to enter the slot.
Does 02 pH affect the removal rate and life of reverse osmosis membrane?
      Reverse osmosis equipment as water treatment equipment in the main filtration process, then the raw water enters the reverse osmosis membrane, the pH value of raw water of reverse osmosis membrane will bring harm, generally the reverse osmosis membrane material for composite membrane materials, the membrane material in use if it is according to the provisions of the scope of products pH the value in general for 2-11, then pH value damage and the effect on the membrane itself is smaller. As for the influence of pH on the reverse osmosis desalination rate, is the characteristics of a variety of ions in the water itself affected by pH value, which is due to pH, decomposition of the ion itself, to determine the extent of the charge, these are factors will lead to membrane desalination rate decreased. Therefore, pH has a great influence on the desalting rate of some impurities. Similarly, if the removal rate of CO2 by reverse osmosis membrane is zero, the pH value of raw water will be increased and the CO2 can be converted to CO3, so the reverse osmosis membrane can be effectively desalted. But at this time, we should pay attention to the fouling of reverse osmosis membrane.
03 how should the reverse osmosis equipment be operated for the first time?
      Low pressure and low flow are used to drive air out of the pipe. Only the air in the pipe does not exist and the equipment can run normally. First of all, the pressure should be between 0.2~0.4MPa. When low pressure washing and exhaust are used, the resulting concentrated water and water are discharged into the drain. If the running pressure rises faster, there is air in the membrane element, which will produce the impact of water and radial. In this case, it may break the outer membrane of the membrane and cause the membrane of the reverse osmosis to be repaired. For the first time, the pressure on the membrane must be adjusted to 0.2~0.4MPa for flushing. It is necessary to ensure that the reverse osmosis system will automatically flush the reverse osmosis membrane every time it starts.
04, the amount of water is getting smaller
      Solution: some users will find out the water, equipment is more and more small (using tap water as raw water equipment basically does not appear the phenomenon), this is because some of the groundwater quality is poor, a lot of impurities, resulting in RO membrane partially blocked, thereby reducing the amount of water equipment. At this time we should regularly recoil to pretreatment, replace cashmere spray filter, RO membrane cleaning, or the raw water by the poor quality of groundwater to replace tap water (tap water in the absence of the configuration of a set of ion exchange in the absence of system scale, basically will put an end to this kind of phenomenon).
05 pure white or black suspended particles in water
      Solution: This is because the pipes are polluted and cause bacteria to develop. This should be the caustic soda dissolved into precision filter, operation control valve will close to the high pure water, wastewater, start the high-pressure pump, the water outlet of the water into the circulating water filter for about 30 minutes. Equipped with pipeline disinfection machine, the pipeline disinfection machine should be opened in time to sterilize the purified water pipeline.

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