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Reverse osmosis membrane production process

2017-09-05 08:40  author:admin    Read:

       Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and advanced separation technology in the field of water purification. It is the principle of the pressure booster pump, by means of selective semipermeable membrane only allows water to through and not allow other substances through the interception of the solution of the solute and solvent separation. Using the separation characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane, water treatment equipment can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, organic matters, bacteria, microorganisms and other impurities in water. Reverse osmosis technology has many advantages, such as low energy consumption, no pollution, advanced technology, easy operation and maintenance.
       In water treatment industry, reverse osmosis membrane is one of the common membrane components, but many people do not know how the reverse osmosis membrane is produced. According to experts, the reverse osmosis membrane component consists of three layers, respectively, polyamide functional layer, polysulfone intermediate support layer and polyester reinforced non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric is mainly to support the strength of membrane structure, thick and porous polysulfone, with high porosity and high rigidity, resistance to compaction in the condition of membrane operation, polyamide functional layer with high yield, water salinity and silica removal rate and strong chemical stability.
       The assembly of the reverse osmosis membrane using a special computer control computer, highly automated precise assembly production line to ensure the uniform coiling tension between the diaphragm and the leaf membrane interval, all the adhesive sealing line both straight and narrow, greatly improving the effective membrane area. And all important connections of reverse osmosis membrane are ultrasonic welding technology to strengthen the connection strength and durability.
       After assembly, the reverse osmosis membrane enters into further quality and performance tests to ensure that it meets product standards, including vacuum testing of adhesive sealing lines, and water sampling tests for membrane components, water yield and desalination rates. To ensure that the performance of the RO membrane element is not affected, each membrane element is packed in a vacuum plastic bag and prevents any microbial contamination.
       Qu Cheng film has a reverse osmosis membrane element production process of precision components, high separation efficiency, large water production, each leaf membrane area of water flux uniformity, contaminated low tendency of the Chinese film the first fully deserve!

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