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The difference between high pressure reverse osmosis membran

2017-09-04 08:38  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

      Reverse osmosis water purifier is the mainstream water purifier in our country, and will maintain this position for a long time. As an important component of reverse osmosis water purification, reverse osmosis membrane filtration is the core step to purify water quality. But people often hear of high pressure reverse osmosis membrane and low pressure reverse osmosis membrane. What is the difference between them? Professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis membrane Qu Cheng membrane responded.
      From the name, we can see that the main difference between the high pressure reverse osmosis membrane and the low-pressure reverse osmosis membrane is the size of the work pressure. High pressure reverse osmosis membrane has high working pressure, high desalting rate and little water yield. High pressure reverse osmosis is mainly industrial membrane, can be used for desalination of sea water, that is, we often say "sea thin film", its reverse osmosis operation pressure can reach 2.8 ~ 4.2MPa.
      The working pressure of low pressure reverse osmosis membrane is between 1.4 and 2.0MPa. Under such pressure, the desalination rate of reverse osmosis membrane is not so high, and the output of water is relatively large. As a result, energy consumption will be greatly reduced. Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane can be used in the electronics, pharmaceutical industry, high pure water production, food industry wastewater treatment, beverage production and so on. Household reverse osmosis water purifier is also used in low-pressure reverse osmosis membrane. Low pressure reverse osmosis membrane also has its own advantages. The utility model can reduce the equipment cost, the operation cost and the production capacity, and improve the capacity of selective separation of certain organic and inorganic solutes. The utility model is an ideal household RO water purifier filter membrane.
      High pressure reverse osmosis membranes and low-pressure reverse osmosis membranes are not versatile because of the difference in operating pressure between the two. Consumers in the purchase, we must buy low pressure reverse osmosis membrane, so as to ensure that the household reverse osmosis water purifier work properly.

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