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At the Beijing International Water Exhibition Qu Cheng a riv

2017-10-12 14:16  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      Wind and scudding clouds wind blowing, Ju Cheng Trinidad in Beijing water exhibition. China - 2017 Eighth International Water Exhibition and the twentieth international Chinese membrane and water treatment technology and equipment exhibition in 2017.10.12 - 10.14 in the Beijing International Exhibition Center grand opening, two major water show a combination, to attract domestic and foreign colleagues have clean water power exhibition, attracted major domestic first-line media reported have a positive and far-reaching impact on the world China. The exhibition, the water industry leader in all fields battle, gathered at home and abroad tens of thousands of individuals and enterprises buyers, called water purification industry a grand ceremony. Warmly invited by the organizers, Shenzhen city Ju Cheng Membrane Technology Co. Ltd. by the chairman Mr. Tang Shiping personally led a delegation to the exhibition, a strong lineup. Then, Ju Cheng will bring Ju Cheng new water purification technology and water purification products at home and abroad and the net water Tongren to compete, a majestic exhibition!
      North China in twenty-first Century has been a serious lack of water resources, economic development and water resources carrying capacity contradictions is insufficient, which leads to the problem of sewage treatment, drinking water security in North China is imminent, urgent, this is also the background and purpose of the exhibition. As the core component of water treatment, membrane has a status that can not be ignored. It is also a large water purification PK with membrane. Ju Cheng film is known as the first Chinese film from the film industry from the household to membrane, nanofiltration membrane to ultra low film, from the scale to conventional film, where the Ju Cheng out, will be fine, artisan spirit, core technology, the Ju Cheng film is famous at home and abroad.
      From its inception, Ju Cheng insists on self innovation, continuous improvement, striving after extremely hard and bitter independent research mastered the core technology of reverse osmosis, the water purification industry become the lead leader. Since then, still not satisfied with the reverse osmosis membrane 1:3 rate of wastewater, water purification industry borrowing heavily, attract top talent, the formation of film research team of experts, day and night, Piganlidan, finally developed the 1:1 wastewater rate of ultra low pressure reverse osmosis membrane. The reverse osmosis membrane not only broke the wastewater rate in this water purification industry technical bottlenecks, but also has a high rate of desalination, water flux, anti fouling, anti bacteria erosion, superior performance, will gradually become the mainstream trend of water treatment. At the upcoming Beijing international water show, the ultra low pressure reverse osmosis technology will attract much attention!
      At present, the technology for ace, Ju Cheng has dabbled in household water purification, industrial water, agricultural water in three major areas, have made remarkable achievements. In the field of household water purification, reverse osmosis water purifier Ju Cheng membrane is applied to the market 70%, a market can not shake the supreme position; in the industrial field of water, Ju Cheng industrial film by many water pollution treatment favored by enterprises, it has good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, good insulation. Have good flame resistance and mildew resistance; in the field of agriculture, Ju Cheng established ecological park in the country, garden crops use water irrigation Qu Cheng water purification equipment, purification, through the irrigation after crop harvest doubled, excellent quality, then it will be to establish the ecological park more men and women with high ideals in the country. To improve the health quality of life of people!
      Ju Cheng for the world heart, life for life, a classic for the industry, support for public health, with a force of the water purification industry carry the national flag, leading the Chinese film industry the opportunity before, to create clean water carrier, out of the country, to the world, let the world Ju Cheng name! At the Beijing International Water Exhibition Ju Cheng. Clouds, well-equipped, darling, winner, waiting, just waiting for you to come!
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