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Ju Cheng fire fire drill: you and me, we rely on Security

2017-09-22 17:07  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      In order to ensure fire safety within the company, to strengthen the police, the company's efforts to build a safe and harmonious, promote all the staff to deal with the accident of fire safety awareness and skills, the afternoon of September 21, 2017, Shenzhen city Longgang District Pingdi fire brigade into the Ju Cheng Technology Co. Ltd., gave us a vivid fire safety education classes.
      In the office space before the building concentration, fire officers for everyone to do fire related knowledge lectures, with a vivid and serious case to explain the importance of fire prevention safety. In daily life, fire is one of the most frequent disasters in all kinds of disasters. A small lack of attention will lead to fire. A dead cigarette butt, an aging wire, can be a fire hazard. The occurrence of fire can cause irreparable economic loss and loss of life. Through the fire brigade's explanation, everybody has realized profoundly how important in the fire prevention is nipped in the bud, also learned how to reduce the security hidden danger, prevented the fire occurrence.
      Next, fire extinguisher for you on the field operation principle, how to use the fire extinguisher and let you personally experience the fire extinguishers, let everyone in various fields for fire safety, fire escape, fire scene and other fire knowledge have an intuitive understanding and understanding, to the great guidance and help to everyone in the next encounter unexpected fire hazards or respond to and handle.
      As a people-oriented enterprise, Ju Cheng attaches great importance to fire, accidents and other unexpected danger, not only the introduction of fire prevention regulations, strict and perfect, but also often arrange related personnel inspection, inspection, safety will be killed in the cradle! This is a big business responsible attitude!

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