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The Shanghai International Water Show in 2017

2017-09-14 16:48  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

      In June 7, 2017, Shanghai Amsterdam international water show started, and the latest water treatment technology and equipment were displayed at the National Convention and Exhibition center. The general manager of Shenzhen city Qu Cheng Technology Co., led Zhou Zongwang to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition will continue from June 7, 2017 to June 9, 2017, the location is 168 Shanghai surplus East Road (South).
      Amsterdam International Water Exhibition is the world's water treatment field of the most influential industry event, this exhibition, Qu Cheng science and technology limited company to bring the most advanced technology and best quality products. International quality, domestic prices, first-class services, domineering slogans to attract visitors to an endless stream. Qu Cheng Technology Exhibition staff patiently answer visitor questions and doubts, serious interpretation Qu Cheng membrane technology principle, application field and so on, visitors expressed great satisfaction.
      The exhibition brings together a number of water treatment engineers, experts and water home appliance manufacturers, giving the industry a platform to showcase to each other. Take this opportunity, Qu Cheng actively communicate with colleagues, to discuss the development direction of the current problems in the industry and industry, a lot of harvest.
      "Plum flower, the sword Feng wheted, over the years, Qu Cheng concentrated focus on science and technology, membrane technology in order to highlight the down-to-earth, free from arrogance and impetuosity of the extraordinary strength, in the exhibition, so that every participant is impressive, unforgettable.

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