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Health care staff Ju Cheng invited Doctor Clinic

2017-09-21 16:49  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

      In order to improve staff awareness of health and fitness, Qu Cheng invited South medical doctor come to the clinic, the clinic for 3 days (July 2017 5 to July 7th). The clinic to help employees understand their physical problems that may exist and how to pay attention to prevention, also let employees feel the company earnest concern.
      The event, the doctors measured blood pressure, blood glucose, blood glucose and blood pressure for employees, index of abnormal staff patiently explained the reasons of abnormal index and the possible consequences, and suggested that the daily diet should be light, pay attention to nutritional balance, to keep the law of life, Zaoshuizaoqi, do not often stay up late, do more exercise. Employees have praised the activities of the clinic, said he was deeply impressed by the company's care.
      Qu Cheng always implement the people-oriented business philosophy, firmly believe that talent is the fundamental motive force of the development of company. At the same time Qu Cheng will seriously listen to each staff's opinions and suggestions, will provide various positions for the internal opportunity for the staff, for each employee's personality development in the environment of the company. It is because of such a humane management, just let Qu Cheng both the design team and the free from arrogance and impetuosity, excelsior production team.
      The wind at the end of Qingping, wave ripples in between. A lot of serious illness are from daily attention and like people, days and months multiplying, long-term drinking water is not clean, did not have what effect, but the accumulated put himself into a table of chemical elements in the hospital. Qu Cheng developed RO reverse osmosis membrane, high technology, excellent material, filtering effect can reach 0.0001 micron, long service life, is your best choice!

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