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Chamber of Commerce fifth member association

2017-09-14 16:48  author:Qu Cheng    Read:

Cum innovation and development conference of Guangdong household electrical appliance industry
        In order to better implement the Party Central Committee put forward the innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing the new development concept, realize the new practice of supply side structural reforms, to inject new energy to the development of Guangdong province Guangdong fifth home appliances, home appliances association congress held in Guangzhou Pearl Island Hotel in July 6th. Shenzhen City, Qu Cheng Water Group Chairman Mr. Tang Shiping of the household electrical appliance enterprises chamber of Commerce representatives attended the meeting. The convening of the conference has greatly promoted the active communication between the government and enterprises, chambers of Commerce and member units, mutual understanding, and promoted the development of Guangdong household electrical appliance industry.
        At the meeting, Li Dong, President of the fourth provincial chamber of Commerce of home electrical appliances, first delivered a speech, affirmed the brilliant achievements of the chamber of Commerce in the past, and expressed the good expectations for the future of Guangdong household electrical appliance industry. Then, Xie Desheng, Secretary General of the household appliances association, was entrusted by the fourth council of the provincial chamber of electrical appliances and made a report to the General Assembly on the work of the fourth council. Then, the provincial chamber of Commerce Director of board of supervisors for the fourth session of the council chamber of Commerce on static financial report and the new session of the "Guangdong constitution" Chamber of Commerce modified, vice president of chamber of Commerce unit as the fifth director of the chamber of commerce giant Xiaoping and the board of supervisors to recommend that arrangement.
        Subsequently, Congress first hand vote determine the vote tally, scrutineers, followed by secret ballot elections to elect the fifth member of the Council (including the fifth session of the chamber of Commerce President, vice president and director of members and board members). Then, the convening of the general assembly chamber of the fifth session of the first Council and the board of supervisors, elected by the chamber of the fifth session of the executive director and the fifth session of the board of director and deputy director, and approved by the appointment of the Secretary General Chamber of Commerce fifth.
        Will the development research center of the provincial government deputy director Li Huiwu made important speech on innovation, he said Guangdong Province Chamber of Commerce in order to better implement the overall goal of inclusive growth in the fourth industrial revolution, the innovation as the breakthrough point, realize the leap development of Guangdong home appliance industry with the progress of Science and technology and industrial revolution. Qu Cheng water will emancipate the mind, adhere to the innovation driven development, improve the quality and core competitiveness, promote the company towards intelligent, high-end service industry, the direction of the upgrading of the shift, achieve new growth.
        At the end of the conference, Tang chairman participated in the new book sale of friend Zhu Jianghong. Zhu Jianghong is known as "the father of GREE", the book mainly tells him how to turn the tide, then quickly on the verge of collapse of the GREE step by step to create "air conditioning" Kingdom of legend. Qu Cheng chairman Tang Shiping had a similar experience with Mr. Zhu Jianghong. Tang Dynasty chairman from scratch, after several storms, only now brilliant achievements.
        The conference around "to promote the development of innovation, revitalize the real economy" theme, with the construction of home province as the goal, to achieve industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, technological innovation has made important planning, lay lay a solid foundation for the new development of Guangdong home appliance. Qu Cheng will closely follow the market economy trend, continuous innovation, the introduction of more new products to meet the needs of the consumers mind, better social services.

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