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What are the manufacturers of reverse osmosis membrane made

2017-10-18 16:05  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      Filter membrane is an important component of water purifier. With the development of water purifier industry, domestic filter membrane manufacturers are more and more. Among them, the reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers a lot of professional, such as Ju Cheng, Huitong, Qin Sen and so on. Although the production of reverse osmosis membrane, different manufacturers have different technologies, market evaluation is not the same. Today, Xiaobian mainly explain the Ju Cheng reverse osmosis membrane.
      Ju Cheng film is the reverse osmosis membrane manufacturer located in Longgang District of Shenzhen city. As we all know, China has two water purifier production centers, one in Hangzhou, another is Shenzhen. Among them, the water purifier manufacturers in Shenzhen is far more than Hangzhou. Therefore, Ju Cheng film choose to start their own reverse osmosis membrane R & D and production road in Shenzhen. After ten years of development, Ju Cheng in Tianjin also established a film production base, north-south echoed to the domestic reverse osmosis membrane brand forward.
      Ju Cheng reverse osmosis membrane on independent research and development, lay the foundation for development, there are also many manufacturers do not have the advantage. Now, Ju Cheng reverse osmosis membrane has developed many products, including conventional film, film, film industry, special ultra low pressure membrane and anti pollution film etc.. The reverse osmosis membrane with different properties are suitable for different conditions, expand the Ju Cheng film market, but also to win more consumers.
      As an important component of water purifier, the function of reverse osmosis membrane is needless to say. With the water purifier to high-end, intelligent development, Ju Cheng film also modifying the direction of development, actively develop new products of reverse osmosis membrane, a new reverse osmosis membrane, such as prolonging the service life of the filtering effect, significantly reduced the frequency of replacement. Ju Cheng membrane water purification effect of guarantee!

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