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What are the types of reverse osmosis membrane?

2017-10-17 16:44  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      Cross as a peak, near and far different level. In daily life, the water quality of every region and every household is different. So, the reverse osmosis membrane for someone else doesn't necessarily fit your home water purifier. Because of this, reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers will develop many different types of reverse osmosis membrane to meet the needs of different consumers. Here, small to the reverse osmosis membrane Ju Cheng production as an example, list the different types of reverse osmosis membrane.
      Ju Cheng type reverse osmosis membrane is divided into many kinds, including domestic film and industrial film, conventional film and film, special ultra low pressure reverse osmosis membrane, fouling resistant reverse osmosis membrane etc.. There are dozens of conventional membranes, market adaptability and repercussions are good. There are several types of ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membranes. Ultra low pressure reverse osmosis membrane is a kind of reverse osmosis membrane which is increasingly popular in recent years. Different from the previous low-pressure membrane or high pressure membrane, the ultra-low pressure membrane has lower requirements on the influent pressure, even the tap water pressure can be smoothly influent, which is convenient for the urban household to use the water purifier.
      For consumers, it's important to choose the right model when buying reverse osmosis membranes. First of all, to understand the size of the reverse osmosis membrane applicable to the water purifier, in order to avoid the size of the reverse osmosis membrane; secondly, to have a certain understanding of their own water pressure situation. As said before, the reverse osmosis membrane have certain requirements for water, if the water pressure is low, can choose the ultra low pressure membrane; if the water pressure is normal or installation of the booster pump, you can choose the conventional membrane; finally, choose water production for reverse osmosis membrane. This is also directly related to the water yield of the water purifier.
      In short, to choose the type of reverse osmosis membrane, consumers must be aware of their own water purifier and hydraulic pressure. The most convenient way is to purchase the original reverse osmosis membrane according to the water purifier. Or, in the installation of more than ask the installation personnel, to know what type of reverse osmosis membrane is more suitable for its own water purification situation.

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