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How about the price of RO membrane?

2017-10-17 16:41  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      RO membrane, called reverse osmosis membrane, is the core component of reverse osmosis water purifier. Now, the reverse osmosis water purifier has entered more and more families, caring for people's water safety. As everyone knows, in order to ensure the effect of water purification, reverse osmosis membrane will be replaced after a period of time. Therefore, in the face of many reverse osmosis membrane brands on the market, to understand the price of reverse osmosis membrane for consumers to buy new film is very helpful.

     Different types of RO membranes have different water yield, so the price will be different. The greater the water yield, the higher the price. However, in general, the price of domestic RO membrane is about fifty yuan; the price of RO membrane for industrial use is about eighty yuan. In general, this price is affordable for every family. And compared with other filtration membrane, RO film replacement frequency is not very frequent, consumer spending is not high.
      Although the price of RO film is not high, but if consumers look online, it will be found that different brands of RO membrane pricing vary widely. In particular, there are some brands, in order to seize market share, snatch consumers, will play the banner of low prices, consumers inevitably tempted. This means that consumers should pay attention to high quality products and inferior products when choosing RO film. Because it's possible that some low price RO membranes are made of other filter membranes, and the filtration effect may be poor.
      Finally, Xiao Bian to remind consumers, water purifier is to rely on the filter membrane for purification. If the filter membrane is used for too long, the filtration effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, consumers must not abandon the replacement of RO film because of price or trouble and other reasons. Otherwise, the water purifier may become a decoration.

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