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Reverse osmosis water can not drink for a long time

2017-10-16 16:29  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      With the increase of the market share of reverse osmosis water purifier, consumers are more and more like to buy reverse osmosis water purifier. Compared to other water purification equipment, reverse osmosis water purifier has stronger water purification effect, better taste of water outlet, more intimate function set, and also favored by the market. But now people are paying more and more attention to drinking water, so they will wonder: is it good to drink reverse osmosis water for a long time?
      This confusion is largely due to a lack of understanding of drinking water standards and reverse osmosis water. With the continuous improvement of tap water pipe network, most areas of our country have already used tap water. However, tap water is not drinkable unboiled water, this is the consensus of the people. It should be noted that the standard of drinking water in China is lower than the international standard. However, if using reverse osmosis water purifier, because of the high filtration accuracy of reverse osmosis, its effluent has reached the international standard of drinking water, more suitable for straight drinking than tap water.
      Of course, a lot of people will think reverse osmosis water is too clean, so it is not suitable for drinking. Because the human body needs trace elements, such as minerals. In fact, only 30% of the minerals in the human body come from drinking water, and most of the other trace elements are obtained from the diet. Therefore, reverse osmosis water does not cause so-called malnutrition.
      With the development of technology, reverse osmosis water purification technology will become more and more outstanding. In fact, reverse osmosis water is like white rice, it is staple food, must not eat. But we would never expect a bowl of white rice to give us all the nourishment of our body, would we? We can not unworthy, not because of the reasons to deny most probably it did not actually happen in reverse osmosis water to bring great benefits our health and life.

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