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Which is better, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis?

2017-10-16 16:26  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      As the saying goes: bring forth the new through the old Yangtze river. In the field of economic development, it seems that the latecomers are always living in the world. Reverse osmosis water purification technology seems to have no long history of ultrafiltration technology, but reverse osmosis water purification has become the mainstream of water purification technology, the market share has exceeded the ultrafiltration technology. But on the other hand, the ultra filtration water purifier is still one of the dominant areas in the field of water purification. Why is that? Ultrafiltration technology and reverse osmosis in the end, which is good?
      From the technical point of view, reverse osmosis technology is obviously better than ultrafiltration technology. People feel that ultrafiltration technology seems to be prior to reverse osmosis technology, largely due to reverse osmosis technology was originally applied to the aviation field, and then gradually turned to civilian. But in fact, reverse osmosis technology has been the most advanced technology in the field of water purification. From the point of view of filtration accuracy, the 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane is obviously higher than that of 0.001 micron ultrafiltration membrane. In the filtration effect, the reverse osmosis technology is also significantly higher than ultrafiltration membrane.
      From the market reaction point of view, reverse osmosis water purifier has now exceeded the ultrafiltration water purifier. That people's eyes are sharp, since the better filtering effect of reverse osmosis water purifier, so consumers will slowly turn the reverse osmosis water purifier. On the other hand, the people's economic ability gradually changes gradually, and the consumption level also rises naturally. The water purifier market is changing to high-end. And the high-end water purifier is often reverse osmosis water purifier.
      However, from the actual situation, UF still has its own market. Because, relatively speaking, the effect of the ultrafiltration machine is better than other water purifiers. In addition, in the areas where heavy metal pollution is not serious, UF is also a good choice. In a word, although reverse osmosis technology is superior to ultrafiltration technology, reverse osmosis water purifier and ultra filtration machine have their own position, and they are good water purifier products.

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