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Selection of reverse osmosis membrane

2017-10-14 16:07  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      There is one problem that can not be ignored in using water purifier is the replacement of filter core. Filter core is the core component of water purifier. Because the sewage is filtered, the carrying capacity of the pollutant can be reduced or even reduced in the course of time. In order to ensure the purification effect of water purifier, the replacement of the filter element has become an essential step, reverse osmosis membrane is the case. For reverse osmosis water purifier users, you must learn to buy reverse osmosis membrane.
      Generally speaking, consumers should choose the reverse osmosis membrane according to the actual situation. Considering factors should include the local water quality, water use habits, water consumption and so on, in which water consumption is an important indicator. Different manufacturers will have different habits, but the reverse osmosis membrane will be marked with water. Consumers can first estimate the amount of water use, and then choose according to the amount of water.
      Now, China has become a big producer of water purifiers, the number of manufacturers of reverse osmosis membrane is also quite a lot. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of reverse osmosis membrane must choose quasi brand. Qu Cheng film is specialized in research and production of RO film manufacturers. Qu Cheng believes that consumers not only to choose the brand of RO film, but also the advantages of their products. Qu Cheng film has the characteristics of high precision and low filtration ratio wastewater, in order to become the numerous consumer choice.
      In addition, consumers should pay more attention to it. Because the reverse osmosis membrane is to be re installed on the water purifier, it is very important to match the water purifier model. Otherwise, it's embarrassing to buy the reverse osmosis membrane to buy home, and it's time-consuming and hard to buy. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that reverse osmosis membrane is best to buy the original, or choose reverse osmosis membrane products of a variety of brands to buy. When purchasing, consult more staff.

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