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What is the application prospect of reverse osmosis membrane

2017-10-12 16:19  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      Data show that China's water purification market, reverse osmosis water purification equipment accounted for nearly half. The demand for reverse osmosis membranes is also growing. However, many people feel this way. Water purification equipment seems to be more widely used in cities, but it is rare in rural areas. Therefore, the application prospect of reverse osmosis membrane in rural drinking water treatment is not clear. That's not the case.
The application of reverse osmosis membrane is the trend of power flow
      In industrial applications, the application of reverse osmosis technology has not been new. With the rise of household water purifiers, the relationship between reverse osmosis membrane and daily drinking water treatment is also closely related. Experts said the reverse osmosis water purification equipment is the mainstream of our current water purification market, the data also proved this. With the saturation of the city's clean water market, reverse osmosis has become the next wave of the rural market.
Rural water pollution is becoming more and more serious
      Reverse osmosis membrane has a certain practical basis for the popularization of drinking water treatment in rural areas. Over the years, China's economy has been developing at a steady and rapid pace. However, economic development has also brought about some drawbacks, and one of the most obvious impacts is the intensification of rural water pollution. Hebei pits, Hunan children's blood lead incident, camp water pollution events have shown that, the rural water pollution has reached a very serious stage. The smelly water everywhere in rural areas, want to go back to the sweet spring, green mountains and rivers of the past, reverse osmosis water purification water purification technology and other high-end demand is inevitable.
Rural consumption capacity has steadily improved
      There are always two sides to everything. There are disadvantages to economic development, but the benefits are even more pronounced. The most notable is the promotion of consumption capacity in rural areas. Reverse osmosis membrane is now the most advanced and most effective water purification membrane. Therefore, compared with other membranes, such as ultrafiltration, PP cotton, the price will be slightly higher. However, as the level of rural consumption increases, such price differentials are nothing. The idea of "using good things" has become stronger and stronger. Therefore, the application of reverse osmosis membrane in rural drinking water treatment is indeed quite broad.

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