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Reverse osmosis membrane, cleaning agent, method of use

2017-10-12 16:15  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      Anyone who knows the reverse osmosis water purifier knows that the reverse osmosis membrane will be cleaned after use for some time. Because the reverse osmosis membrane can filter a variety of impurities. Although reverse osmosis water purification equipment has automatic cleaning device, the cleaning wastewater will be discharged at intervals. However, because the automatic cleaning is not enough, the reverse osmosis membrane will still accumulate impurities, and it needs manual cleaning to ensure the quality of the purified water and prolong the service life.
      In order to clean more, consumers can buy special reverse osmosis membrane cleaning agent for cleaning. Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning agent is generally divided into acidic cleaning agent and alkaline cleaning agent. In cleaning, two cleaning agents should be used, but not mixed together.
      It is better to remove the reverse osmosis membrane when using detergent. Then, by using a high pressure pump inlet will dissolve the detergent pump into the reverse osmosis membrane, cleaning. In order to ensure the cleaning effect, the cycle cleaning method is usually adopted, and the duration is 1~2 hours. The specific time can be adjusted according to the amount of impurities in the reverse osmosis membrane. If it is not assured, consumers can reverse osmosis membrane soaked in detergent solution for 12 hours, and then carry out the above operation.
      When the cleaning is complete, install the reverse osmosis membrane back into the water purifier, turn on the power and start the machine. Make the water outlet 20~25 minutes to ensure the cleaning result and check whether the RO membrane is in place.
      Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning is an important step in the use and maintenance of clean water. Consumers must be more understanding of the relevant knowledge, so that their own water purifier to play a better role. Finally, consumers need to remember that although reverse osmosis membranes can be cleaned, they can always be used indefinitely. When appropriate, the reverse osmosis membrane is to be replaced.

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