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Membrane separation principle of reverse osmosis

2017-10-11 15:06  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      With the hot water purification industry, more and more people understand the water purifier this small household appliances, but also heard the "reverse osmosis" this peacetime rarely heard words. Data show that, now China's most mainstream water purification equipment is reverse osmosis water purifier, the market share reached 40%. The filtration accuracy of the reverse osmosis membrane is up to 0.0001 microns. Therefore, various impurities in water can be effectively filtered, and the effect of water purification is remarkable. Why is the filtration effect of the reverse osmosis membrane so striking? Today, Xiao Bian will explain to you the principle of the separation of reverse osmosis membrane.
      As we all know, if both sides of the same volume of liquid with high concentration and low concentration liquid in a semipermeable membrane, low concentration liquid will naturally flow to high concentration liquid. This process is known as the permeation process. When the two sides of the liquid reach equilibrium, the high concentration liquid surface will be higher than the low concentration liquid surface, forming a pressure difference. This pressure difference is called osmotic pressure. However, if we apply a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure at the high concentration side, the high concentration liquid can flow to the low concentration liquid, which is called reverse osmosis.
      When reverse osmosis is applied to the water purifier, a high concentration of raw water containing impurities is passed through the reverse osmosis membrane under pressure. Because the membrane has a very small pore size, the impurities in water can be filtered by reverse osmosis membranes, and only water molecules can pass smoothly. Therefore, through reverse osmosis technology filtration of tap water, its water quality is almost close to pure water, people can rest assured that the use and drinking.
Understanding of the principle of separation of reverse osmosis, we must have found that in reverse osmosis water purification equipment, reverse osmosis membrane plays a central role. So, in daily use, want to ensure the effect of water purification, but also must buy good reverse osmosis filter.

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