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What is the ratio of reverse osmosis membrane wastewater?

2017-10-09 16:11  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      Following the wave of technological innovation, China's water purification technology is also developing. Nowadays, the most advanced water purification technology is reverse osmosis water purification technology, and it is also the mainstream technology of water purification market in our country. The core of its remarkable water purification effect is the high filtration precision reverse osmosis membrane. However, because of the high filtration accuracy of reverse osmosis membrane, in order to filter the water well, it is inevitable to produce a certain waste water ratio. Wastewater ratio can also be called recovery rate. Then, how much is the waste water of reverse osmosis membrane?
      Generally speaking, the waste water of reverse osmosis membrane is about 1:3. Reverse osmosis membrane will have more important relationship with the principle of reverse osmosis membrane than the reverse osmosis membrane. First of all, the reverse osmosis membrane filtration accuracy is very high, reaching 0.0001 microns, in a variety of filtration membrane, the filtration accuracy can be said to be unmatched. Because the filtration accuracy of reverse osmosis membrane is very high, in the filtration process, only water molecules can be filtered through the pore size, and various impurities in the water are filtered. If the impurity accumulation, not only affect the filtering effect, may also cause clogging of the membrane filter, so the installation of reverse osmosis membrane water purification products are automatically cleaning of reverse osmosis membrane, resulting in waste water of what we call "".
      Since wastewater can be produced, why is reverse osmosis water purification equipment so popular with consumers? The biggest reason is that the water purification effect is good. Although other filters have no waste water ratio, but the filtration effect is limited, the impurities such as heavy metals in water can not be effectively filtered, and can not meet the requirements of high-end water purification. Moreover, although the reverse osmosis membrane wastewater than, but for most families in our country, water is still enough to bear. If the consumer wants to save water, he can collect the waste water and use it for other purposes.

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