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Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning method

2017-10-09 14:55  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

     When your home water purifier water production or reduce the quality of the purified water was worse, then it is likely that RO film is blocked, this time to buy new or RO membrane element to replace the original, or cleaning the membrane to the normal use of RO. Some manufacturers of RO film is washable, and some are not washable, this can only be replaced by the new, this consumer should be determined to manufacturers.
     Before cleaning the RO membrane, first pump the clean, non chlorine free reverse osmosis product water from the cleaning tank or the corresponding water source into the pressure tube and drain for a few minutes, so as to flush the RO film.
     Secondly, the special cleaning solution is put into the pressure tube for a period of time, depending on the specific conditions of the local pollution. The more polluted the place, the longer it takes to soak.
     Then, the RO film is flushed and the water produced by ultrafiltration is used to flush the RO film. When washing, attention should be paid to closing the pure water outlet and opening the waste water outlet. In order to prevent the membrane from breaking through, the inlet pressure of the RO membrane is less than the inlet pressure of the pure nozzle, but the pressure difference is not too great.
     Next, pump the clean, free chlorine product water from the cleaning tank or the corresponding water source into the pressure pipe again and drain the RO film for a few more minutes.
     Finally, the water purifier system is put into operation until the water release valve of the water purifier is switched on, until the resulting water is clean, free of foam or without cleaning agent. This usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. This completes the entire cleaning process.
In the cleaning process, we should pay attention to the following items: 1, in cleaning RO film, we should try to ensure that the ambient temperature is less than 35 degrees C, when higher than 35 degrees, should be strengthened ventilation, the maximum shall not be higher than 38 degrees. Because the RO film is very fragile, the temperature can easily affect the water pressure and then affect the RO film. 2, RO system maintenance must share system to stop running and take measures to avoid the damage power maintenance personnel.

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