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How to deal with fouling of reverse osmosis membrane?

2017-10-09 14:50  author:Ju Cheng    Read:

      With the development of economy, the improvement of people's living standard, bring the deterioration of the environment, the lack of water resources, the community and the government have attached great importance to this go15 may bring people to survive the crisis and arduous tasks to solve the difficult problem, we should ponder! Fresh water is the resources that human beings depend on for existence, and it directly affects all aspects of people's life.
      An American has discovered reverse osmosis by observing the way water is used by seagulls, thus completely changing the way people drink water. At first, the technology was applied only secretly in space, and then gradually applied to desalination, water purification equipment, and other fields of the national economy. Reverse osmosis membrane element is the carrier and core of reverse osmosis technology in Qu Cheng experts specially for you the popularity of reverse osmosis membrane may occur in everyday problems and solutions. For example, how to deal with reverse osmosis membrane fouling?
      Reverse osmosis membrane fouling occurs because the raw water contains a certain concentration of suspended solids and dissolved substances. Suspended solids are mainly inorganic salts, colloids and microorganisms, algae and other biological particles. Soluble substances are mainly soluble salts, such as chloride and insoluble salts, such as carbonates, sulfates and silicates, metal oxides, acids and bases. In reverse osmosis, the volume of influent is decreasing, and the concentration of suspended particles and dissolved substances is increasing. Suspended particles are deposited on the membrane, blocking the inlet channel and increasing frictional resistance. Insoluble salts can precipitate in concentrated water when they exceed their saturation limit, form fouling on the film surface, reduce flux of RO membrane, increase operation pressure, and lead to water quality degradation.
      The formation of the coating on the film surface is called membrane fouling. The result of membrane fouling is the deterioration of the system performance and can not achieve the effect of water purification. In this case, you need to put into the raw water in the reverse osmosis membrane pretreatment system, the effects of suspended solids removal, may cause pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane dissolved organic matter and excess insoluble salt components to reduce membrane fouling. For the reverse osmosis membrane that has been polluted, it is necessary to use reverse osmosis membrane cleaning agent under the guidance of a special person, so as to make the reverse osmosis film of value.

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