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What is commercial space?

Commercial spaceIt is the basis for people to carry out production activities and activities. Commercial space is the most complicated and diverse kind of space in human activities. It belongs to the public space and has certain confidentiality.

From BroadlyCommercial space is the general term of any space environment related to commercial activities. The commercial space in broad sense is directly related to consumers, merchants and producers of commodities, including the whole link of production and consumption.
From NarrowlyYou can put the commercial space for commercial space is the need for social business space, space environment needs such as commodity production, exchange goods, carry out activities of consumption.

Commercial spaceFor producers, the commercial space includes production and sales, which reflects the strength of the factory and is one of the important parts of the enterprise culture.

Our train of thought is..!

Product update scheme design
Technological innovation scheme design
Extended product development planning design
Enterprise expansion development plan
Analysis of development prospect of filter
Development and analysis of water purification
Exhibition space layout
Experiential spatial layout planning
Production space expansion layout scheme;
Hardware configuration update plan
RO reverse osmosis membrane
ultrafiltration membrane
Industrial membrane
Home membrane
Conventional membrane
Profiled membrane

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